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By the Hour Moves

Moves by the hour include basic dis/reassembly and blankets for furniture. There is a 2 hour minimum plus 1 hour additional travel hour added at the end of job. Packing materials are not included only blankets for large furniture items. For protection of our trucks, all mattresses and box springs must be plastic wrapped. Customer can use their mattress bags or we will shrinkwrap for an additional charge of $15.00 per item. We start charging in 30 minute increments from when crew arrives at confirmed starting time and will stop once items are delivered. Please note any travel time added to your move is an additional fee and is not included as part of the moving time from pick up to drop off addresses. Customer is responsible for muni-meter charges if there is no street parking for truck. Trucks must be parked in legal spots to avoid tickets. There are additional fees for any other packing supplies used such as tape, shrinkwrap or boxes. If you are interested in FULL PACKING of household - note below in form. Please note hourly moves can be slow due to traffic, parking, stairs, service entrances and weather. Commercial trucks are not permitted on certain roadways in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and SI, which can slow a move down. Please check here for truck routes: NY DOT.  If you already filled out a Flat Rate Request form, please do not submit one for By The Hour too. You can change options once we contact you. Do not submit 2 forms. Be sure to fill out required boxes * or request form will not be sent. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder for a response. Thank you.

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