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A Moveable Feat is a moving company of true professionals who transport your belongings with care and efficiency
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A Moveable Feat is a fully licensed and insured interstate moving company. We maintain significant insurance coverage for the protection of our clients and employees.

Our goal at A Moveable Feat is to make your move as stress free as possible. A Moveable Feat blanket wraps all your precious cargo such as dressers, tables, cabinets, sofas, loves seats and chairs. All glass table tops, marble statues, artwork, paintings, grandfather clocks and any other fragile breakables get more protection beyond the standard blanket wrapping. From the move in to the installation of your household items, A Moveable Feat moving company is ready to assist you with any of your household or business needs.


  • 14' and 26' Box Trucks
  • Packing Services Available
  • Moving Supplies
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Trained, Uniformed Crew
  • 5 Star Reviews

Private Storage

  • Security 24/7
  • Air Conditioned

Flat Rate Policy

Our flat rate is a binding agreement not-to-exceed articles and services listed on the final job order. Our flat rates Include all fees - diesel, tolls, travel time, shrink-wrap, tape, parking meters, blankets and basic furniture dis/reassembly. Please note IKEA furniture to be dis/reassembled on flat rate request form or the rate will be adjusted on day of move. Flat Rates do not include boxes unless you are booking full packing services where we pack up the entire contents of your house or business using our packing materials. A MOVEABLE FEAT moving company will deliver the goods listed above via our trucks. Customer must provide reasonable access to the location so that our movers are able to safely deliver the goods. A MOVEABLE FEAT moving company will do its best to ensure the safety of the goods in transit, and during the introduction of the goods into CUSTOMER'S residence/business. Flat rates will be adjusted if customer did not list limited parking, gravel driveway, service or basement entrances, extra steps/stoop/stairs, oversized items, long hallways and/or sidewalks (50' or more), narrow / winding hallways or other conditions that slow the move. If there is 30% or more inventory than was listed on the flat rate, we will revert to an hourly rate to adjust for labor time.

By The Hour Policy

If you schedule a by-the-hour move, there is a 2 hour minimum plus 1 additional travel hour added at end and any packing materials used. Blankets are free. For protection of our trucks, all mattresses and box springs must be plastic wrapped. Customer can use their mattress bags or we will shrinkwrap for an additional charge of $15.00 per item. We start charging in 30 minute increments from when crew arrives at confirmed starting time and stop once items are delivered. Customer is responsible for muni-meter charges if there is no street parking for truck. TRUCKS MUST BE IN LEGAL PARKING to avoid parking tickets. Additional fees may apply for oversized/heavy items.  We do not offer by the hour rates for single heavy oversized items such as Washing Machine, Freezer, Safe, Treadmill or Piano, etc.  Commercial Trucks are not allowed on certain roadways and can slow a move down.  You can review truck routes here: NY DOT.

Additional Notice

Once a moving job is confirmed by a FLAT RATE or HOURLY AGREEMENT customer cannot change job order on day of move. If you want to switch - you must notify us 48 hours in advance for new agreement to be issued. Customer is responsible for notifying movers 3 days prior to a scheduled move about any designated moving hours with their building. We are not responsible for damages made to furniture constructed from particle board/press board, items customer put in plastic trash bags or loosely packed boxes. We are responsible for what we pack in boxes or blanket wrap. We have standard mover's insurance .60 per lb for loss or damages. If you want FULL VALUE REPLACEMENT insurance you will need to contact us or your moving insurance company. We do not remove rails or doors if sofas or oversized items do not fit into building entranceways. If customer requests balcony move or any door / rail removal for an oversized item during move, the customer is liable for any property damages. PIANO MOVES are made via a freight elevator or wide staircase only. We do not move pianos through narrow stairwells, over balcony or through window. If piano cannot be safely moved with our crew up a staircase or flight of steps, A Moveable Feat reserves the right to decline piano move. If piano legs must be removed, we are not liable if the legs do not secure back into its place due to worn parts. If the customer elects to leave the legs on, we will not be responsible if damage occurred to them. We will do our professional best to secure, wrap legs and body of piano, but are not responsible for any tuning issues customer has once installed nor any damage to floorboards due to the weight of item. We now require a credit card on file to confirm all jobs. There is a $150.00 fee for any cancellation of confirmed job.  If building requires masonite for floors and hallways there is an additional fee $50.00 per 25 feet installed. Parking must be legal. Customer can ask us to illegal park but they must pay any fine or ticket. If there is limited parking on day of move and customer did not notify us, any flat rate job will be adjusted for labor time. In 2019, due to congestion pricing in Manhattan, higher parking meter fees and tolls may affect moving prices. Payment is due upon delivery. Forms accepted credit (VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD), debit, cashier's check or cash.

Home Services

We now offer low cost, bonded and licensed HOME CONTRACTOR SERVICES for all your furniture assembly, bookshelf installations, doors, floors and more. For more informant please call us to discuss rates.


Small Box $3.00 1.5 cu. ft. 17”x13”x12” Books/Records
Medium Box $4.50 3.1 cu. ft. 18”x18”x16” Miscellaneous
Large Box $5.00 4.5 cu. ft. 24”x18”x18” Clothing
Dish Box $9.00 5.2 cu. ft. 18”x18”x27” Dishes/Glasses
Wardrobe Box w/bar $20.00 13.4 cu. ft. 24”x21”x48" Hanging Clothes
Picture/Mirror Box $8.00 2 pcs. 40”x60”x4" Adjustable
Wrapping Price varies Call
Masonite Price varies Call


For information on A Moveable Feat's Dispute Settlement Program and forms such as Arbitration Request, Arbitration Agreement and Dispute Settlement Program Rules, contact us at 800-607-0689.

FMSCA Moving Rights

Moving Tips

For moves scheduled in the afternoon, please note that these arrival times are estimated due to the vagaries of traffic, weather or the moving job prior to yours. If you have a building with a set move in time, please let our office know so that we can schedule your move accordingly. Never use trash bags for household items or clothing. Always check with your building about service entrances and any other move-in requirements. Masonite for hallways or service entrances will slow move down and can change rate. New York customers should read NYS DOT Summary  of Information for Shippers of Household Goods.

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