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Certificate of Insurance Request

This form is for customers with a confirmed move with A Moveable Feat. If you do not know what needs to be on this form, please contact your Building Management or Leasing Agent for a sample that lists Certificate Holder Name, addresses and any additional insureds they want listed on it. One request per building. Please submit request at least 2 business days prior to scheduled move. As a "paperless company", we prefer email to faxing when possible.  If you submit incorrect information - you will be charged reprocessing fee.  Thank you.

How Insurance Works When Moving

Before you choose an option for loss and damage protection, give some serious thought to the value of your possessions. The time to consider coverage is before your move. Your selection of a valuation option on the Bill of Lading is confirmed by your signature. Please be sure to keep a copy for your records. Mover's liability for loss or damage varies depending on the option you select. Generally, your goods are not automatically covered for loss or damage during the move; you must declare on the Bill of Lading the type of protection you desire. Your protection can either be covered under the terms of the mover's Bill of Lading (Options) or a separate Certificate of Insurance received from your Mover, but issued by an insurance company. Please note any item that is packed by the owner (PBO) is generally not covered for damage unless the carton is physically damaged. Interstate moving companies are required by Federal law to offer two alternatives for valuation coverage: Released Value Protection or Full Value Protection. You can also purchase (3) Third-Party Insurance, coverage from an outside insurer such as moving insurance. If you are moving antiques or high-end furniture, you should consider purchasing additional insurance with more substantial coverage. You may first wish to check your Homeowners Insurance Policy to see if your property is covered in transit.

Released Value Protection

Released Value coverage is offered by moving companies at no additional charge, but the protection is minimal. The mover assumes liability at a minimum of $0.30/lb. per article for local moves, or $0.60/lb. per article for interstate and international moves. For example, if your mover loses or damages a 10-pound television valued at $1,000, you will only receive $6.00 in compensation (60 cents x 10 pounds).

Third-Party Insurance

You also have the option of purchasing insurance from an outside company. Your moving company will still be liable under the Released Value Protection plan. The remaining amount is recovered from the third-party insurer.

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