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Flat Rate Moving Request


The flat rate we provide covers only the articles and services listed on the form. If no size is listed by item - flat rate covers standard sizes only. Flat rates will be adjusted if customer did not list limited parking, gravel driveway, service or basement entrances, extra steps/stoop/stairs, oversized items, long hallways and/or sidewalks (50' or more), narrow or winding hallways or other conditions that slow the move. Rate will be adjusted for oversized bins, suitcases, bookcases, sofas, etc not specified below on form. If the customer has more inventory or the particulars of the job order changes on moving day, the flat rate will be adjusted accordingly. If you are interested in an hourly rate move, select YES at bottom of form.

You must fill out FULL ADDRESS with CITY / ZIP CODE. ITEMIZED INVENTORY.  CLICK on the SMALL BOX next to an ITEM (box, bin, mattress, chair, lamp etc) and a BLUE BOX will APPEAR on the RIGHT SIDE of selected itemENTER QUANTITY IN THE BLUE BOX (1, 2, etc). If you only click on small box next to an item - the flat rate form will be blank and we cannot process a rate for you.

For any type of IKEA dis/reassembly, please note model and size in inventory. 

Be sure to fill out * required sections. Form will not send otherwise. Once you hit submit, you will see a CONFIRMATION NOTICE. You will receive a flat rate by end of business day. (If you do not see a response, please check your spam or junk email folders).

Thank you for contacting us for your move! Happy Moving!

Full Furniture Inventory

Click to expand. Select the inventory items, CLICK and ENTER NUMBER of items. FLAT RATE will not be processed without full inventory.

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Packing Services

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