The Latest Spring Cleaning Craze- Swedish Death Cleaning, aka Dostadning

Moving is part of life. And our live’s paths can get cluttered with impulse purchases from Christmases past. Moving to a new home or emptying out the contents of a storage unit can be stressful and overwhelming unless you have a plan. We have some tips to help you along the way.

The best time to declutter and really analyze those bejeweled pillows you bought 10 years ago, but never used – is during a move. The less items you have to pack, disassemble or wrap up in cellophane, paper or bubblewrap – the better for both the environment and your wallet. The less cargo weight the more savings for your next move. If you have a storage unit that has been an extension of your household goods – moving is a good time to clear it out. Saving money on storage fees and time later on in life when you’d rather be fishing than going through decades worth of old magazines locked away in a storage unit.

When clearing out your home, attic, garage or storage unit, be sure to separate all the items.Gently used items should be donated to a local charity that may be in need of furnishings or appliances. Other items not donated to a Salvation Army – should be dropped off to your local recycling plant so old plastic lawn chairs can be turned into another useful item.

Be sure to check with your local municipality best practices for recycling. Most materials can now be upcycled into other useful items such as public playground surfaces, plastic sheeting, new box containers and other useful items.

The more we are decluttering – a better life for all.



What is Swedish Death Cleaning


Photo by Mike Mozart