For A Happy Move Hire A Licensed Pro

For a reliable mover, you need to be sure to check that they are insured with liability, workers compensation and can give your building a Certificate Of insurance. Many movers using third party apps are not licensed or insured and there will be no recourse if your illegal movers damage your building or household goods.

You can check the status of your movers to make sure they are licensed as a Household Goods mover – and not for deliveries only – by asking for their USDOT number to check online.

Also ask what type of insurance coverage they can offer you for your move. 

Be sure to ask your movers what is included in the flat rate and what is not covered. Our rates are binding as long as the job description and inventory provided by the customer is the same on moving day.  We have no hidden fees or add ons.

When using third parties to book a mover – be sure to ask them for a referral. 

To have a truly stress-free and honest moving experience, we recommend hiring only licensed professional movers.

Happy Spring!