This rite of passage comes at the end of every summer for college bound teens: dormitory move in day. For freshmen, the college move in day can be very stressful. We have gathered some helpful moving day tips. Always check the dorm rules at your college. Many will list what furniture and decorations are permitted in your rooms. Make sure you label each box clearly to make it easier to unpack. Books, Make up, Winter Clothes, Sports, Bedding etc. If you get your roommate name prior to the move in day – be sure to reach out to them. Introduce yourself and discuss what you are bringing in case you are doubling up on some items. The less stuff you cram into your room; the better your study habits. Not to mention more room to socialize with your new dorm friends.

Feng Shui Your Dorm Room

Dorm room furniture is for your use so move it around to make it work best for both you and your roommates. Push your beds and desks against the walls to create an open area in the room. Put tall dressers or bureaus back to back to create a private alcove area for sleeping or as a changing room.

Space Saving Ideas
Anyone who has lived in a New York apartment knows the trick to an organized living space is vertical space. Use the wall to stack up plastic storage cubes. Use the space on top of a tall bookcase for additional storage and use under bed storage drawers to stash extra blankets, coats, shoes.

Off Campus Housing
If you have opted for housing off campus in a house share or apartment unit, be sure to contact the building about move in times and reserving elevators. Check to see if the building requires Certificate of Insurance for local movers.

End of School Year
Many colleges offer low cost storage for students returning in the fall. To cut down on the stuff you bring home for the summer – have a yard sale or donate clothes, appliances to a local charity.

If college friends are headed back to your hometown, combine your moves and hire low cost licensed movers who can offer you a better deal for a long distance move.

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