May Moves

Old Man winter has finally gone to bed. And it’s time to pack away your cashmere sweaters, peacoat, duvets and winter parkas. We’ve put together simple rules for how to store your clothes and declutter your home as part of your spring cleaning ritual.


Clean out all your coat pockets and have the coats dry cleaned. Before storing them away remove hangar and plastic dry cleaning wrap, fold gently and place into plastic bin or cardboard box for safe storage. Hangars can cause the coats to become misshapen. Never store clothing in dry cleaning plastic. The plastic can ruin the fabric of your item.


Dry clean, wrap in tissue paper and place folded into a box, drawer or bin. Do not hang as the sweater will lose its shape. Make sure you store your clothes in a dry, cool closet or back of a dresser or armoire.

If you put away all your winter sports gear and winter clothing properly – when they come out in the fall – they will be clean, wrinkle free and ready to be worn!



Real Simple