Moving Precious Cargo

Moving should not be stressful if you hire the right company and take steps to minimize the disruption into your day. But moving with children can be difficult. With these easy tips – you can make the move a memorable and fun adventure for your little ones.

Prior to the big move, make a game out of the moving day. Older children will like the adventure as you explain to them how they can help pack their room. Use the opportunity to teach them about organizing and taking care of their belongings. Let them decide what old toys to keep and what toys to donate. The more involved they are in the process, the less scary it is for them on moving day.

For a LOCAL MOVE, hire a sitter or recruit a family member to help out for the day by taking the children to a matinee or park while the movers start to the pack up the house. Another alternative is for one parent to stay with the movers, while the other heads to the new home with the children to wait for the movers. At the new home, make one room the designated playroom. Put in some toys, a portable crib and/or pillows for children to rest on. The less chaos for the children – the easier to keep them happy and calm. Be sure to have plenty of treats, toys and a fully loaded iPad to keep the kids occupied.

LONG DISTANCE MOVES can be harder on children and you should talk to your children well in advance to explain to them what will happen in the coming weeks as you prepare for the move. Make it a positive and fun experience about living in a new neighborhood, making new friends and getting to explore new, fun activities in your new hometown. It’s important that the parents stay calm during the process of a long distance move. If the kids see mommy stressed out, they too will get upset.

Once the movers have moved you into your new home – let your children open their boxes and help you unpack. Do not rush to do this. Allow them to adjust to their new surroundings and get them involved in the process. The boxes make great forts and castles that the kids can play in while you unpack the other rooms of the house.

Be sure to recycle!

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