Easy steps to a headache-free commercial move

A commercial move comes in all shapes and sizes; from 3 floors of cubicle office space to an industrial loft office. Every commercial move needs proper planning to ensure your company stays open for business.

Here are some easy, practical commercial moving tips for your business relocation.

1. Make sure you have discussed with your building management access hours to freight elevators and parking for the moving company. Be sure to discuss any insurance requirements they need from the movers. The best time to schedule a commercial move is after work hours and weekends so you do not lose productivity with your business.

2. You can use moving day as a way to organize, streamline and downsize office materials. Donate out of date appliances, furniture and books. If material is sensitive be sure to hire a document shredding company. Many non-profits need office material donations so be sure to check with places like Materials for the Arts in New York City.

3. Plan the move with enough advance time to allow employees to pack and sort their files for the move.

4. Be sure to have a point person at the office to assist movers with any questions they have on moving day. There should also be a point person at the destination for move in. An IT specialist should be on hand if there are a lot of computer work stations to assemble.

5. Use Social Media to get the word out your business has moved. Update your address on all your printed material and online directories.

If you need a commercial move or office relocation – call us today so we can send over a logistics specialist to go over your needs. We do office workstation and cubicle wall dis/reassembly, wrap electronics, box computers and organize hardware with secure packaging. We move all kinds of items from large xerox copiers, fax machines and print-presses to sewing machines and mannequins.

With proper planning, your commercial relocation does not have to be a disruption to your business.