We get this question a lot from customers, “plastic or cardboard boxes, which is better for the environment?” The truth is – neither. As a small, environmentally conscious company, we prefer recycled cardboard boxes.

But the debate rages on between manufacturers of plastic and paper products. The impact on the environment is costly using either product. Plastic comes from a non renewable source and paper is from trees. Cardboard boxes take a lot of energy and water to process them, but they are biodegradable. Plastics do not breakdown in landfills and recycled plastics only breakdown into smaller bits. At A Moveable Feat, we use ink-free boxes to make sure our boxes are as clean as possible for recycling. We find cardboard boxes better suited for moving household goods. Plastic bins and crates over time will wear down – leading the sides to bend and the lids to crack.

A fun eco-friendly moving tip is to use a cotton, canvas or laundry bag to pack soft items like clothes, bedding, sheets and toys to cut down on the use of plastic trash bags. (Never a good item to use for packing as they are easily mistaken for real trash). Cotton or fabric bags have a lower impact on the environment and last longer.

The more businesses and consumers become aware of the impact the materials they use has on the environment, the better for the future of our fragile planet.


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