Rain, Snow, Black Ice and Sunshine all factor into your moving experience. The better prepared; the better the moving experience. Check the weather a few days prior to your move and contact your movers if you have any concerns about bad weather alerts.

Inclement weather like rain, sleet, ice and snow will slow down delivery of your household goods. The best way to prepare for bad weather days is to be patient. If your building has specific move-in or move-out times – discuss with the building management how best to manage late arrivals. Commercial trucks move slow and even slower in bad weather.

All fabric furnishings should be protected by plastic wrap or heavy moving blankets. If you have an item that is fragile if wet – tell your mover so they can take extra steps to protect it. Check that the moving truck is dry inside and does not have leaks. Customer should lay old towels or blankets in their new home – to protect any water from transferring to your floors on move in day.

If there is a severe thunderstorm – it may be best to postpone the move until better weather.

If your city is shut down during a snow storm, chances are your moving company will need to reschedule your move. Depending on the severity of the blizzard, your move may be postponed for days as the streets are cleared and trucks are able to move safely through them. The crew must have a clear passageway to entranceways for their safety and the safety of your goods. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice and that the movers have a clear, safe path from the house to the truck for both the pick up and drop off destinations. All shoveling should be done before the movers show up. Keeping the ice and snow off pathway makes for a quicker move in.

Hot weather can slow a move down as well. Movers are working in intense heat, carrying heavy objects upstairs and into elevators. To keep movers motivated, some customers provide water to keep them moving and hydrated. If it’s an intense heat wave, commercial trucks may need time to cool off if going a longer distance. Stay in the shade and be sure to wear sunscreen, hat and hydrate while you direct movers when loading and unloading your items. It is important for everyone to drink plenty of water, especially those doing the heavy lifting.

There are several weather apps for your smart phone. Be prepared so you can ‘weather’ any kind of storm on your moving day.