How to Move Your TV

Fall season is here and in order to continue binge watching your favorite shows – be sure to follow these basic steps to protect your beloved television set.

Before you unplug your home entertainment system, take a photograph of where all the cables are connected from the back of the components. Make sure you have clear image of which cable goes where. Then, separate each home theater component and individually wrap each item in bubble wrap or in the original manufacturer’s box. Be sure to label each cable so it will be easy to reassemble at your new home. Do not pack the cables or any cable boxes in with the tv as they can cause damage to screen when the box is moved during transport. Create a separate box for cables, remotes and the tv mount stand. Label this box “TV accessories”, so they are easy to find when you’re ready to set up the TV. If your TV is wall mounted, do not attempt to remove by yourself as you may damage the screen or wall.


These easy steps can help ensure the TV is free of scratches and cracks at the end of your move. Pack your TV in an appropriate sized box. If you have the TV’s original box with protective covering and foam, you can reuse all of that. If not, you can purchase a heavy-duty box designed for flat-panel TVs from a hardware store or your movers. The box should fit the TV without too much loose space that causes tv to get jostled around when moving. To secure tv in box, wrap it with soft blanket or bubble wrap. Make sure the blanket has no buttons, decorative items that could scratch the surface of screen. Flat rate screen TVs must be kept upright. Once the TV is wrapped, slide it into the box vertically.


Always keep a flat-panel TV in the upright position during moving or storage to avoid pressure on fragile glass screen. Never place a Plasma TV flat as it will damage the glass. Seal the box with packing tape, label in clear writing “fragile” and indicate “this end up” so the box is carried properly. If you are packing your own moving truck, place the TV upright between wide, sturdy items, like mattresses, back of bookshelf or sofa. Do not set the TV box on top of anything as it could fall during the move. Also, never put anything heavy on top of the TV box.

Follow these general tips for packing your TV and in no time – you should be ready to binge watch your favorites shows in your new home.

Remember to recyle or donate unwanted appliances. We share the planet – let’s leave it healthy for the next generation!



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