Our Favorite Moving Tips

To spare damage to your favorite lamps, always remove lampshade and wrap in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap the lamp base. Place the base and lampshade in separate boxes to avoid damage during the transport. Multiple lampshades can fit together in one box as long as there is room for each one to be stacked and secured into box.


Moving OUT: Purchase a sturdy travel crate (size dependent if you are flying or driving and breed / size of pet) and place a blanket and toys inside it a few days prior to move so your pets get used to the crate. Once the movers arrive, put your pet in the crate. Remember a nervous pet may try to escape. Always label the CRATE with signs PET INSIDE! DO NOT DISTURB.

Moving IN: Do not open the crate until you have secured a quiet area of new home. Make sure windows, cabinets and doors are shut so your pet can’t make a run for it. Put out their water bowl, blanket, toys in one spot next to the crate and open the door. Let them explore their new surroundings slowly and keep the crate open as some pets may feel safer napping in there until they get used to the new home.

Cardboard boxes make amazing children’s costumes from Robots to Rubic Cubes. You can also use to stack up boxes to create a fantastical Halloween Spooky Castle Wall or cut out Tree Shapes from wardrobe boxes. All you need is a good pair of scissors, clear packing tape, sponge brushes, watercolor paint and a bit of imagination!.


Always check with your leasing agent about building requirements for your move in. Do they require moving pads installed on elevators? Masonite installed to protect hallway floor? All these requirements need to be addressed before the movers arrive so everything is ready on day of move.

Your moving date can save you money. Rates are highest during the busiest moving days at the end of month to beginning of month. Summer is the busiest season and harder to get the best moving slots. If you can arrange a spring or fall move – chances are you will get a better deal.

When moving household potted plants, place them in open cardboard boxes. Take newspaper to nestle between the pots and cushion them from tipping over or knocking into the other pots in box.

Donate, Upcycle, Be kind- Have a Happy and THANKFUL Thanksgiving!