Resolution Number 1 – Get Organized!

Once the Santa List has been checked off and the Chanukah menorah has been put away, it’s time for a new year to begin with new hopes, dreams and goals. To reach those goals, many people make the dreaded new year’s resolution list. But this year – put a positive spin on it. It’s the time of year to prepare for a productive and less stressed year ahead. Make simple steps to keep clutter at bay starting with the end of the holiday season packing.

By creating an organizational groundwork this week – you will be able to have more time to enjoy a busy and fulfilling 2017.

Holiday Decorations

1. Sort out your ornaments
Separate fragile glass, fabric, homemade decorations and string lights. Inspect any that need to be thrown out or repaired. Use large ziploc bags to store any homemade kid’s decorations. Be sure to label the date they were made and by whom so you can treasure them for years to come. Take a bit of time to fix any decoration that may have been damaged by overzealous pets or children. Any type of craft glue will work to adhere loose ribbons or sparkly adornments. If a decoration has been scratched use a bit of acrylic paint to touch it up.

2. Secure holiday lights
Use recycled cardboard from a gift or shipping box to gently wrap string lights around it.

3. Protect fragile Holiday Ornaments
The best way to keep your holiday ornaments safe is to pack them in the original store packaging you purchased them in. If you no longer have the box, make sure fragile ornaments are individually wrapped in bubble wrap or tissue and that they fit snugly against other items in a sturdy storage cardboard box. If you properly store your string lights, fragile ornaments and homemade kids’ decorations, you will feel less harried for the next holiday season and be able start decorating quickly and easily.

Label all the holiday decoration boxes with the contents and seal up until next year’s holiday season. Make sure you write FRAGILE on any glass ornament and string light boxes.

Holiday Wrapping Paper and Gift Boxes

1. Please recycle, recycle, recycle. Make this your number one resolution for 2017. You can reuse any gently used ribbons and wrapping paper for next year’s holiday season. You can also upcycle, recycle or regift those secret Santa gifts. It is a fantastic way to help the planet stay green and make your life well organized.

2. Keep a dedicated PLASTIC BIN for DONATED ITEMS. Throughout the year put gently used items such as toys, eyeglasses, electronics or new gifts that don’t quite fit your taste. At the end of the year, you will be able to donate gently used or brand new items to charities in need.

Remember the better organized you keep yourself – the more time you have for family and fun activities during the holiday season.

If you are planning a move within the new year, you will have everything organized and labeled for moving day.

Celebrate More – Stress Less!

Happy New Year!