Cost is the most important factor for most people when hiring movers. You need to consider your personal financial situation and choose the company you feel most comfortable with. In New York state there are hundreds of illegal movers who rent box trucks to pose as licensed movers. The New York Department of Transportation only grants licenses to moving companies that operate within New York State. Instrastate movers go through inspections and safety audits to be licensed to operate in New York. Prices are not regulated so it is a bit like fashion. You can buy cheap, fast fashion that looks cute, but tears and fades quickly. Or you can go with couture and get personalized full service tailoring.

You can hire a non-licensed no frill move — items quickly put in a truck and dropped inside your new home or hire licensed movers who blanket wrap, dis/reassemble furniture, secure cargo in the truck to protect it during transport and then place it in your new apartment just where you want it. With no frill moves – the movers make money with the volume of jobs they have for the day. The move will be fast and furious, but furniture usually gets dinged along the way. If you have expensive or fragile items – you will want a company that treats you as their main customer for the day. Taking the time to ask you about your furniture and to properly protect them.

When shopping for prices – be sure to always ask about hidden fees: travel time, fees for stairs, extra surcharges for materials, parking fees. Many customers will get sticker shock at the end of their job. Interview your mover before hiring them!

For those savvy with social media, they want a quick quote using an app. The newest trend in the sharing economy is moving apps like Zootly or Amazon Home Services. To make a profit, small moving companies would have to raise their rates if they work with third party apps. So buyer beware, for the convenience you may get with a click – you will pay more for that move.

But hey, if you are a college student living on ramen and need a quick futon move – use a guy with a van that offers you the lowest rate. But if you have furniture you want delivered and assembled in a full service manner – hire movers with A ratings and verified real reviews.