Need to Move Supersized Furniture? We have some tips for you.

We get calls from worried customers about oversized sofas or appliances that will not fit out their door or down the hallway. With years of experience hoisting all kinds of heavy oversized items from balconies and windows, we can safely move all types of oversized items.

When moving large pieces of furniture, it is important to measure all of the items and take the measurements to your new moving in location. If you are moving long distance be sure to get entranceway measurements from your real estate agent. Make sure you know the layout for the new apartment. Sometimes customers forget to do this and though we may be able to move an time from the pick up address – there may not be an access point such as balcony, large window or roof access that will allow us to move in the large item. And sometimes you may need to call in the couch doctor to assist in moving in supersized sofas.

Always be sure to note on your job order any concerns you have about large items. If they were difficult to move in or you assembled a piece of furniture inside your apartment – chances are you will need hoisting service.

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